Client Testimonials

Messages and feedback from clients whose weddings and events we have covered 


"Kudos to Malvika & her full team for the amazing work they did for us and at the end of the week long celebrations, we felt like we were like a big family. Sujoy from her team took great care of our every need. I love the video that they made for us, it was absolutely perfect. "

Vanshika Gupta, Kolkata



"We had such an amazing experience working with Malvika. She completely understood the kind of pictures and videos we wanted and we are absolutely in love with her work. Thank you so much for giving us our dream wedding pictures."

-Nupur Saraf, Kolkata


"I wanted to say, I've had a fabulous experience with Malvika and her team. They bonded with us over the course of 3 days in Mussoorie and were like family by the time they left. One never really appreciates the value of photographic memories until you find a truly gifted photographer like Malvika. When I look at the pictures, I can smell the mountain air, taste the hot jalebis and most of all, I am overcome by a warmth of the love and good wishes she was able to capture on film. Thank you for everything!"

- Manisha Bhojwani, Dubai 



It was an amazing experience with Malvika and her team. They captured the best shots through their lenses. The pictures and videos have come out really really good, specially the pre wedding shoot it was just superb. It was extremely comfortable working with the team, we had a great time and looking forward to work more in the future. Cheers to Malvika & her team..!!

Aakanksha & Rahul Patwari, Kolkata 

“Happiest client ever” 

— -Ronak Agarwal, Guwahati

"We are glad Malvika was a part of our wedding because she gave us the best memories through her amazing pictures. Thank you for patiently taking our pictures. You have captured our best moments so perfectly that we couldn't have asked for more."

Pankaj Mundra, Kolkata 

First of all, I don't think you guys need reviews. Your work speaks for itself. 

When we were looking for a wedding photographer, and we stumbled upon Malvika's portfolio and we couldn't believe how amazing the shots were. 
We can't thank you guys enough for everything you have done for us! Our wedding was the best day of our lives and we're so glad you were a part of it, capturing all those precious moments from start to finish. Your work is incredible and our photos are out of this world, many times we have been absolutely speechless!

A massive thank you again... 

Never give up on what you love because you are totally awesome at it!!

- Neha Dokania & Varun Bagaria, Kolkata


"You were our best investment"

-Guntas Madan, New Delhi

" Malvika and her team did an outstanding job with the photography for the marriage. Right from the start, from when we had our pre wedding shoot, Malvika and her team made us feel extremely comfortable and at ease which honestly helped us a lot to get more natural looking photos and helped Sailesh and me to have more fun and not be conscious. Thank you"

-Somya Gupta, Kolkata


Malvika Saboo (Bride)

Me and Tanul had a lovely wedding day.. Malvika it was a great pleasure to have you at our wedding.. some extra unplanned shots were beautiful and so many lovely clicks to pick from. I am pleased to say that you have really made quite an impression on our guests.. whom all stated that how professional you and your team was. 
Thank you for making each memory so special through your camera the only word we keep using to describe is spectacular. Again many thanks to you and the team.

-Aanchal Agarwal, Jhansi 



"Malvika captures life's precious moments in surreal life-like quality. Her videos and photographs recreate one's favourite memories in intricate detail every time one wants to walk down the memory lane. She is a very talented photographer and extremely comfortable to work with as a professional."

-Amit Gupta (Bride's Brother)



It wasn't the first time we had Malvika on board for an event. But our wedding was great fun thanks to Malvika and her team. I am not a person who likes to get formal pictures shot. However, they made us feel super comfortable and relaxed during our photoshoot. A young, energetic and innovative team, thats what makes them unique. We look forward to them making our future events even more special!! Thanks a lot Malvika Periwal & team for preserving our memories so beautifully.

-Radhika Kanoi, Kolkata



"I was going through my wedding pictures that you clicked, and they are absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for taking such clear and crisp pics! Im enjoying making my wedding book :) "

- Prachi Grover Scott, Sydney

Prachi and Scott

I had the best experience with everyone on the team ! When it's your wedding and you want to be with people you are comfortable with in your private moments and they were the sweetest . The outcome of the pictures and the videos was beyond my expectations. Even though they did lip dub for the first time with me , the outcome was so amazing that I knew always they were the right people to do it for me . Love their style , professionalism and personality . Always the right choice as they put their heart in the task and you feel it in the result . Love their work .

-Guntas Madan (Bride)


Malvika and her team have been the best team i have come across and they surely put in their heart and soul in capturing the event which is very clearly seen through their pictures and videos, a very comfortable team to work and completely hassle free, Loved working with them and hoping to work a lot more in the future. 

-Vidhi Saraf (Groom's sister)


Malvika was the best decision for our wedding... she dosent click pictures, she captures beautiful moments... we have loved working with her and her wonderful team and are truly hundred percent satisfied...

- Khushi Kejriwal Poddar (Bride)


Such soulful photography and videography..thats what sets them apart...thank you for capturing such beautiful memories of the most special 3 days of my life and sewing them all up into the most seamlessly crafted videos...they are absolutely precious to me....<3...lots of love and luck to you guys 

- Malvika Saboo (Bride)




We first got to know about Malvika Periwal in my cousin's wedding...we all loved her work in that, so planned on signing her for my wedding as well. She and her team are very friendly, they take all the shoots discussed, makes amazing videos, and the entire team is well co ordinated and knows what all they have to do.

Her best work is her videos. I thank her for giving me the most beautiful memories of my wedding...

- Neha Saboo (Bride)